Pauline Jans  Art

My experience of creativity is not dissimilar to my views on how life evolves and I find this unique perspective very intriguing. With this understanding, I have observed how my direction and creative approach is often influenced by my interpretation of what is happening in life and through this lens an added richness appears in my work, urging me to further explore my creative process.  

My practice in art initially stemmed from a direct and literal approach. My goal was to draw and paint what I saw. Sculpture was no different. However, with experience, exposure and education my expressions through art began to evolve. My personal experiences in life began to influence me as I made art and why I made it. More authentic responses began to emerge, especially through the use of various materials, what happened and how I responded. Over the last few years abstract painting has become a true passion for me and a journey of discovery on many levels.

I love abstract painting. It can be such a conversation that occurs between me and the piece I am building. It contrasts my professional design experience beautifully, yet the principles and elements of design still influence my work in subtle ways. The creative process of abstract painting for me is unique, guided by intuition, an awareness of materials and a sense of where the piece wants to go. Experientially and ultimately, my paintings are a record of my responses and a brave appreciation of the development process and of change.

I feel that the process of change and how that affects the landscape of life parallels how I approach and develop my abstract paintings. Change is inevitable. This innate knowingness is embedded in my work. Adding my own personal affect to change through creativity is fascinating, inspiring and surprising. I am especially thrilled when a painting that I was moved to create,… moves an individual's perception of that piece. Somehow it has touched their own personal experience in life. To me that is both humbling and an honor.

I enjoy painting in a series. This makes way for many "conversations" to be recorded and for the art pieces created to live as individuals or within a family. The Abstract series: Unearthed, Sourced & Exposed are an evolution in my recent painting experience as well as an impression about life and it’s unfoldings. I include my Impressions Paintings & my Drawings in my work gallery as they are at the root of my journey in expression. Each creative piece lends a hand to the development of the next. Each experience in life has fed my imaginings for what may follow.

Artist Statement