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Are you asking any of these questions or saying these things to yourself? l have!  All of it.  Afraid to go into the studio, or even pick up a piece of charcoal.  Frustrated, and kind of embarassed with what I made. I've wondered if I'm good enough or if I'm even doing this for me…

I know exactly what all of this feels like. These thoughts, beliefs and ideas are taxing, toxic and hold us back.

I don't think or feel this way anymore. And you don't have to either.

In response to the many people who ask me if I offer a course,… my answer is….

Yes! And the course I offer, is a course that's creatively yours.

Let me explain.…

Having been in my fair share of groups, workshops, and classes, I realize that I don't really fluorish in that atmosphere. Everyone is different, but what works best for me is individual attention to what my questions, concerns and needs are. I get more bang for my buck and I don't have to cherry pick what I need. With the various one-on-one coaching, counselling and mentoring I've had, I've experienced the most personal, professional, emotional, creative and spritual growth I have ever had in my life. While I appreciate the value of the groups I belong to, I realize I do better with specific attention. It seems to be a more fertile and fruitful ground.

The course we each take on our art journey is so unique…

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Art Nutrition

An art course specifically tailored to you…

Why does this feel so difficult?  How can I get better at this?   How do I get where I want to go in my art?   What should I be doing next?  Why am I so afraid to get started with my art?  Am I good enough?   Why don't I start something?  Finish anything?  I feel like a fake. I wish I did artwork like them.  Would anyone even want my art?  Why do I  bother?

This is what I am offering to you - a specifically designed personalized course where we co-navigate your art journey, take your questions & concerns and start dispelling the things that are holding you up,… start moving you into a more powerful, informed, confident place. What I have learned on my journey so far, I'd like to share with you. If you have questions, just ask! Colour, composition, style, voice, selling,… the topics are endless. If I know it, I'll share it.

If you're ready to change how things are going, how things are feeling, and commit to digging in just a little deeper, you'll be amazed at the results you'll see.

To learn more about the program I'm offering - Art Nutrition - contact me for details and to set up your free consultation. Spots are limited so please reach out to get your place secured.

Click the email link -->> to let me know you'd like more details & I'll send them asap!