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I have always had a yearning for learning. Curious by nature, I think I've been hunting for information and answers all my life.

I've had two professional careers before finally giving in to the call toward being an artist since I was a young girl.

I think learning and curiosity is important in the creation of art. Art is a giving of ourselves and to do so one needs to look inside for what we wish to share.

Fortunately, throughout my life I have found work that harnesses my creativity. I love to solve problems and create solutions. Art is fabulous for this, particularly abstract. When making something from nothing we need to set out a question, even if it is as simple as a mark or colour field. Then we set forth to solve the puzzle, equation, composition.

The only way to change anything is to add something new.

I have been on the hunt for changing my life and my art ever since I dedicated myself to painting in 2012. I've done lots of study, research, practice, courses, and more practice. Lots of practice.

I came upon Nick Wilton's course Art2Life in 2018. That discovery and what I learned is what really helped me launch my art journey forward. From there I found ways to change and strengthen my art. I enrolled in a 2 year long journey with Alice Sheridan's Connected Artist Art Business Course, and also worked with creativity coach, Cheryl Taves for over a year. I did CVP, the Art2Life Creative Visionary Program in 2019 which I had waited over 18 months to do. It was a very long wait, but I was determined and I am so glad I did it.

My journey has always been about becoming the artist I am meant to become and all the artists I have worked with in various courses over the past few years have been in alignment with this concept. This trajectory has been a game changer for me. My work has become so much stronger, more enjoyable to create, my life feels more full and happy, meaningful, I feel more confident as an artist and a business woman. I love my art journey and my life path, even though I mostly have no idea where it is taking me!

This page has a number of blog posts and videos that illustrate some of my art journey in the last few years. I put them together as a way to share about Art2LIfe and the Creative Visionary Program as well as introduce me and Art Nutrition Coaching for Artists. I invite you - if this feels right for you - to work with me to create the changes in your art & life that will bring you closer to becoming that artist you are meant to be.

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Get a glimpse into my creative process here in this video where I use some of the Art2Life principles Nick teaches in CVP. You can view in full screen on YouTube.

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Risks and Rewards in the Art Journey - totally worth it.

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