Pauline Jans Art

Several years ago, I made a very important promise, to paint the way I wanted to paint. I made that promise with absolutely no idea of what that meant or looked like and not knowing how I would ever achieve that.

It’s taken a lot of time, research, practice and sheer grit but I have finally found “my way” and of course while that can visually change, I’m not scouring everyone else’s work online anymore in an attempt to find that.

I found my way by searching, practicing, experimenting, exploring, going within, digging deeper, staying open and following my intuition. And did I mention practicing?

I would love to help you find that too if that’s something you desire. But I’m also interested in helping you in other ways in your art journey. Anything I can do to assist you in attaining a more fulfilling, creative art practice, I’m here to help you do that.

Helping others has added so much to my own art practice. It continues to solidify my own commitment and pass on what I have learned, mostly by trial and error and some by reaching out to otheres ahead of myself on the path. The key is to acknowledge where we're at and start from there.

If this seems like something that may be right for you, give it a try! Click the button below and let me know you are interested. From there I've give you the goods on what moer you can expect from your Art Nutrition. You'll get a complimentary 30 minute on-line consultation with me so you can flesh out what’s on your mind and help me get a gist of what you’re wanting to work on and to help you decide if this is right for you!

The course we each take on our art journey is so unique…

Art Nutrition

A program uniquely designed for each artist looking to boost their art and their art practice.

My focus in Art Nutrition is to assist you in becoming the artist that you imagine yourself to be in the highest regard, to paint the way you want to paint and if you don’t know what that looks like, to help you find that and get you on your way.


Art Nutrition